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Monday Montage 39

Our Newest Family Member

Last year, we lost two of our dogs to old age.  George (the basset hound) passed away from cancer in April and we lost Weenie (the dachshund) to congestive heart failure in December.  Both lived good, long lives and spent their final days getting lots of love and extra treats. 

We still have our Border Collie mix, Jasmine.  She's such a good dog but I felt like she was a bit lonely.  And I have to admit, the house was very quiet.  Too quiet at times.  I missed the activity that only 3 dogs can provide.  And while I will probably never have 3 at the same time again, I was ready for one more.


Enter GIZMO......


We visited our local rescue group looking for a medium-sized, older dog.  That's not what we got!  However, we are very happy with our adorable new pup (she's actually about a year old).   She is apparently a Pekingnese-Terrier mix, and only weighs about 10 pounds. 


After her first long day with the Stout clan, she crashed in her new spot on the couch.  She hasn't bonded much with Jasmine yet, but we are hopeful they'll become buddies.

I may not get much stamping done this week.  At least you know why.  :0)

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