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My project is up!

Let me tell you a little's really hard for me to keep a secret.  Now, I can do it.  In fact, I'm required by law to keep secrets at my day job.  Have you heard of a little thing called patient confidentiality?  So even though I don't like keeping secrets, I've gotten good at it.

However, when it comes to stamping secrets.....that is really, really hard!  I was invited a couple of months ago to be a Guest Designer on UStamp with Dawn and Friends:  I ♥ the Holidays.  There are quite a few amazing Designers within this group, so I knew I would need to design something special for this event.

My project idea was to create a party logo in My Digital Studio and use it to create various items for a Halloween party.  I made a digital invitation, hybrid invitation, souvenir t-shirt, trick-or treat bag, and party banner.  It was so fun to see my party theme come together quickly and easily with My Digital Studio!

Here is the final result:

2011 07 27

So what do you think?  Most of the time when I create something new, I can't wait to put it on my blog to share with you.  It has been so hard to sit back quietly for the past few weeks and not tell you about this!

The complete tutorial with step-by-step is instructions is available when you sign up for this session of UStamp.  Now you may be thinking that $24.95 is alot to pay for this one tutorial, but you are going to get so much bang for your buck!  Remember those other designers I told you about?  Well, they have all created AMAZING projects and each project has step-by-step instructions.  There were several times I silently thought "I'm not worthy" as I checked out their projects.  Jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring!  You don't want to miss another minute of UStamp!


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