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Craft Fairs---Part 1

Making it User-Friendly

I've spent the better part of the weekend working behind the scenes on my blog.  There are a few new features that I want to make you aware of:

  • Easier to subscribe to blog updates--sign up in left column under my picture
  • Previous posts have been sorted into categories in right column
  • Still can't find what you are looking for?  Try the lijit search button under the categories list
  • Have a question?  You can always email me, but you can also use the chat box at the bottom of the right column

Now I know that none of these features are jaw-dropping, mouth-watering, or exciting.  However, I think you'll find them useful at some point.

Every year around this time, I start receiving emails asking about craft fairs--pricing, projects, displays, etc.  I spend a good amount of time answering each of the emails in detail, trying to help as much as I can.  I don't mind doing this at all, but I think I could save myself and you some time by putting all of this information in one place.

So, starting on Wednesday of this week, I'll be starting a series of posts about craft fairs.  Some of the topics I'll cover include:

  • Types of craft fairs
  • Where to find craft fairs
  • What to make
  • How to market your business
  • How to budget 
  • Setting up an attractive display
  • Determining prices of handmade items
  • And more!

At the end of each post, I'll be sharing with you a Craft Fair project....something that I will be making for this year's craft fairs. 

This information will be geared toward Stampin' Up! demonstrators, but anyone wanting to participate in craft fairs should find the posts useful.

Remember those improvements to my blog I told you about earlier?  Well, here is where they come into play.......

If you don't already receive my blog updates, be sure to subscribe to the blog feed so that you don't miss any of the craft fair info.

I've already got some craft fair projects and ideas sorted into categories.  If you are anxious to see some of my previous ideas, be sure to check these out.

And finally, if you have a burning question for me, add it to the chat box and I'll certainly cover it in one of my posts.

P.S.--Don't you just love my new signature?  It was made using My Digital Studio!  Check out the newest downloads on my new blog devoted to My Digital Studio.

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