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October 13, 2008


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These are so cute! I miss being able to make cute pumpkin poop stuff like these.

Yvonne Metz

Those are SUPER cute! Thanks for sharing the files!

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These are great. They should do well around halloween too.

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Polly Little

I am so lucky to find this just as Halloween nears and we have had no youngsters on our street until a few months ago when a family with 4 children moved next door!! I am so excited to find these precious little boxes and I will start them tomorrow! I will get a bigger kick out of it than the kids will! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent!


thank you so much for sharing these OH SO CUTE ideas!!! :D

Debra Hojnacki


These are absolutely adorable... Thanks for posting the files so we can do them up as well.....


Glad you craft fair was a success, the pumpkin poop and the spiders are adoreable.


These are soo great... how much did you sell each of them for? Beth

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